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Spot instance is a kind of EC2 instance that saves 90% cost comparing to on demand instance.

Node group is a kind of resource which help EKS to manage EC2 instances as worker nodes in cluster.

Some fault-tolerant and less important jobs could be done on spot instance. When it…

We were trying to serve websocket endpoint in our service this time and proxying the requests onto different servers by Nginx. All our services are run on AWS. An ELB load balancer is used to relay all the incoming requests to Nginx services.

requests → ELB → Nginx → backend

Our team built an EFK stack for monitoring our k8s cluster and we have a Grafana service to visualize all the monitoring metrics. Recently, we decided to integrate LDAP authentication of our company to make everyone in our office can login with their account.

It’s easy to find lots of…

I tried to backup logs we collected in ES this week. My team adopted traditional EFK stack and collect hundreds of GBs logs per day. Therefore we want to backup logs we collected yesterday from ES to S3 every single day and I found 3 interesting tools that may help.

1. es2csv


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